Summer Camp

Your other favorite counselors are back for another exciting year of camp! The camp sessions are broken up in session 1 and session 2 from 10 am to 4 pm.

The camp is open to Southside residents age 4 and up. Younger campers will have plenty of fun with art projects, storytime, park visits, dress-up parties, tons of playtime with their friends, and more. Older campers can expect high-energy activities and fast-paced games like scooter races, football, cool art projects, and visits to the park and tennis courts. All will be able to enjoy special activities for all ages to enjoy, and let us not forget the tradition of Fun Friday and everyone’s favorite dodgeball game, Survival! Please contact Andrew Devers, Park Director for any additional questions at 832-509-4642 /



How do I join the enrollment for the Southside Place Summer Camp?