Southside Place Fire Truck Park


Southside Place Park is the heart of the city. The park is located at 3743 Garnet Street, Houston, TX 77005. (Click Here for Map)

The park was first developed in 1924 during the initial development by E.L. Crain. In 1970, the original fire truck was placed into the park as a play structure. As rules on child safety protection laws changed the cherished fire truck was retired.


In  2011 the Southside Park Board along with the Southside Fire Truck Park Fund determined it was time for a complete remodel of the park. The community along with local businesses banned together and in September 2012 a new park was unveiled to the Southside Place community.


The Southside Place Park offers many programs and rental of the clubhouse, park pavilion, and the pool for Southside Place residences.


Thanks for to all the community and the businesses that contributed time, money, and their heartfelt love for the Southside Fire Truck Park.


Special thanks go to the following people:

2011-2012 Fire Truck Park Fund
Executive Committee
Daryl Hoover, President, and Co-Chair
Judy Stanley, Vice President of Development and Co-Chair
Shannon Thompson, Secretary
Gina Luther, Treasurer

2011-2012 Southside Place Park Board
Andy Chan, President
Elliott Hirschfeld, Treasurer
Jeff Elkin, Secretary
Jeremy Monthy, Park Grounds
Carol Pearson, Activities
Shari Muller, Membership
Susan Serbin, Clubhouse

Special Thanks To:
Thomas Bailey, Former Park Grounds Park Board Member
Wadsworth Crews, Park Manager

2011-2012 Park Subcommittee
Pat Patterson, Mayor
Richard Rothfelder, City Attorney
David Thompson, City Council Member
David Moss, City Manager

2011-2012 Fire Truck Park Honorary Committee
Ting Bresnahan
Cindy Burnett­­­­­­­
Jill Cokinos
Kevin Cumming
Allison Darling
Elizabeth Fordham
Hollie Fulgham
Joni Gaylor
Krista Kirton
Sarah King
Amy Marvin
Peggy Matthews
Cara Michaels
Becky Palmer
Susan Patterson
Susan Pierce
Kelly Provenzano
Mindy Rippstein
Suzanne Rose
Julie Tsigos


Southside Place Fire Truck Park History

Southside Place Fire Truck Park Since its inception in 1924, the park has defined and shaped Southside Place. An integral part of the park’s history was the Seagrave fire truck which, for 42 years, served as a beloved landmark at the park entrance. Countless children climbed on, under and through the revered vehicle and over …

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Southside Place Fire Truck Park Photo Slide Show

Click on play to view pictures of the park Created with flickr slideshow.

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Your Donations at Work (Before and After Photos)

Thanks to the hard work of the Southside Place Fire Truck Park Fund and the Southside Park Association  (2012-2012) and the many contributions of the community and local businesses, we were able to accomplish the complete renovations and updates to the Southside Place Fire Truck Park. Before and After – The Park Grounds (CLICK HERE) …

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