Swim Team Practice Change of Venue

Just want to make you aware of a slight change in swim team plans. Our practice location for the first two weeks has changed from the main JCC campus to a different property also operated by the JCC. Construction at the main campus is the reason for the change.

For May 15-26 we will be at the Merfish Teen Center (9000 S Rice Ave). FOR DIRECTIONS CLICK HERE  This is several blocks closer to Southside. It is a wonderful facility, actually better than what we had previously been assigned. It is a 7 lane, 25-meter pool. It will be just us. Southside will provide lifeguards. Restrooms available. Tennis, basketball and open field available to families attending. Photo of pool attached.

Samantha and I toured this site with the JCC Aquatics Director this past week. Samantha, Sydney and I will be coordinating the daily opening and closing of this facility.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Please contact me CLICK HERE

Thank you!

Wadsworth Crews

FYI – Samantha and I made it from Southside to the JCC main campus in 12 minutes at 4 pm on a Thursday. We made it from Merfish Center to Southside in 9 minutes at 5:11 pm.